Commercial Cleaning

Occupational Health and Safety is important throughout any industry, but especially when it comes to cleaning. Commercial cleaners regularly work with chemicals, heavy equipment and other potential hazards. While good commercial cleaning can help prevent hazards and create a safe working environment, it’s important that it’s done in a way that’s not going to add to the problem, and this means complying with certain OH&S policies.

Here are a few requirements you should make sure you comply with when you’re working with commercial cleaners, to help protect everyone.

  1. Notification and documentation of incidents. All incidents and near misses should be reported and documented. This is crucial for your own legal protection and for the protection of your employees and cleaners. Documenting incidents lets you identify hazards in the building and take steps to mitigate those hazards before they lead to a serious injury.
  2. Compliance with local OH&S requirements. The exact legal requirements for Occupational Health and Safety vary between different states, so it’s important that your commercial cleaning company is on top of everything for your own protection and theirs. Things like storage of chemicals, lifting heavy equipment and hygiene are all crucial if you want to ensure everyone is safe and you’re legally protected.
  3. Safety management plans. Every cleaning contract should include a safety management plan, detailing the potential hazards at the property and explaining how any risks will be avoided and staff kept safe. Having something in writing reduces the chances of misunderstandings and gives you a legal record that you can refer to in the event of an injury. Good cleaning companies take a proactive approach to safety and a safety management plan shows the person or company you’re working with takes OH&S seriously.

Training is a crucial factor when it comes to creating a safe working environment for your cleaners and your employees. The best commercial cleaning companies regularly train their staff so they are compliant with OH&S requirements and as an employer you should also be aware of your responsibilities to ensure the safety of your contractors.

OH&S is something that you should always take seriously and by implementing a safety management plan, documenting all incidents and ensuring your cleaning contractors comply with local laws and requirements you can protect not only your employees, but also your business as a whole.

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