3 New Years Resolutions for Property Managers / Commercial Property Management / Enhance Services Melbourne

With a new year upon us, it’s time to start planning and thinking about the next 12 months. Many of us use this time of year to think about goals and what we want to improve on from last year. As a property manager there are three new years resolutions you may want to consider implementing as we go into 2018.

  1. Create a maintenance schedule (and stick to it). Regular upkeep and maintenance are a crucial part of effective property management and if you can get on top of it now with a schedule you’ll be well set for the year ahead. A schedule helps you keep your property looking its best and avoid many of the common property emergencies that can crop up during the year.
  2. Improve your appeal to quality tenants. Do you want to find a better class of tenant this year? Think about how you can go about it. Some ideas include creating a marketing plan, increasing your online visibility and taking to social media and other channels to advertise vacancies. It’s also a good idea to turn some attention to your screening processes so you can weed out the less than fantastic tenants sooner rather than later.
  3. Find and keep quality contractors. Having a team of reliable, quality contractors on hand is important for any property manager. While most of us have a list, it’s easy for it to get out of date as tradespeople move out of the area. Now is a good time to check over your list and make sure it’s up to date, so in the event of an emergency you know just who to call.

Get this year started off the right way by planning and setting your goals for the year ahead. If you can keep on top of regular maintenance, keep a list of great contractors and improve the quality of your tenants you’ll be off to an excellent start.

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