4 Places Where Dirt is Hiding In Your Office / Commercial Cleaning Melbourne / Enhance Services

Your office might look clean on the surface, but there’s a good chance it’s harbouring dirt and germs in some unlikely places. While most of us are aware of the health risks of a dirty bathroom or kitchen, many don’t know about some of the other common hotspots for germs.

Here are the top four places germs and dirt like to fester. Whether you do your own office cleaning or hire a professional, you’ll want to make sure you’re tackling these problem areas on a regular basis:

  1. Computer keyboards: Because computer keyboards are constantly being touched, germs are often transferred on to them without anyone realising. Each time someone sneezes at their desk, touches their mouth or nose or even eats, germs are being spread on to the keyboard.
  2. Phones: Phones, like keyboards, are subjected to regular touching by users and the health risks are compounded by how close we hold our phone to our face. When you breathe into a phone you can contaminate it with germs and bacteria that are re-inhaled by the next user.
  3. Door handles: Door handles are touched by multiple people, hundreds of times a day. This makes them a germ free for all where bacteria can be transferred from one person to another very quickly.
  4. Elevator buttons: Like door handles, elevator buttons are regularly touched and this makes them a breeding ground for germs. How frequently do you think to disinfect your elevator buttons? Our guess is not often.

Next time you’re in your office take a look around and think about how clean it really is. Regular sanitising of keyboards, phones, door handles and elevator buttons is crucial if you want to keep a healthy, productive workforce and maintain a clean environment.

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