4 Property Issues You Should Deal With Immediately / Building Maintenance Melbourne / Enhance Services

If you own or manage a commercial property, you’re responsible for maintaining it to a certain standard. While property maintenance and management can be time-consuming, it’s important that you don’t neglect critical problems or you could face potential legal issues.

Here are four issues that you should respond to quickly if you want to keep your tenants happy and avoid running into any legal problems:

  1. External lighting. Broken external lighting or bulbs that need changing should be dealt with sooner rather than later as they can pose a potential safety hazard for tenants and their customers. Without sufficient lighting you may also be at more risk for vandalism and break-ins at your property.
  2. Leaky roofs. If a roof is leaking this can damage not only the property within the building, but it can also cause structural damage, mould and other issues that could require more costly repairs further down the track. If a tenant’s property is damaged because of a leaking roof you could face a potential legal claim as a result.
  3. Water damage to carpets and building surfaces. If there is a flood in a building you own, it’s important to act quickly. Carpets can be dried out and saved in some cases if you can catch them quickly enough, and long-term water damage can be avoided or at least the severity reduced.
  4. Electrical faults. If a tenant reports an electrical issue in a commercial property it’s important to get it looked at quickly. Electrical faults can be a safety risk and they can cause fires. A fire that is caused as a result of an electrical problem that wasn’t fixed could create an insurance nightmare.

Basically anything that could be a potential safety risk or that could cause long-term damage to your commercial property should never be delayed. Look after your commercial property and you can protect your investment well into the future.

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