5 Maintenance Jobs You Should Do Sooner Rather Than Later / Property Maintenance / Enhance Services

If you own or manage a commercial building, maintenance can seem like a never-ending task. While some maintenance tasks can be scheduled in when they are convenient, there are a few jobs that should never be put off. Here are five maintenance tasks that should always be done sooner rather than later.

  1. Lighting. Do you have broken lighting in or around your building? While it can seem tedious to fix, poor lighting can increase the risk of accidents and other hazards. Inadequate lighting can also be a security risk as it increases the chances of theft and vandalism.
  2. Pathways and external walkways. Broken pavers or deteriorating asphalt are issues that should not be delayed. Tripping hazards can be dangerous for your employees and your customers, especially in wet or icy weather.
  3. Electrical issues. Don’t neglect a faulty or damaged power outlet. If you hear crackling or see sparks when you use it, call an electrician straight away. Neglected electrical problems can be dangerous and also lead to fire risks.
  4. Smoke alarm servicing. Your building’s smoke alarms should be serviced at least once a year. This is a legal requirement in most places and essential for the safety of your employees and anyone else who comes into your business.
  5. Roof repairs. A leaky roof can lead to widespread damage to your building and equipment inside. From structural damage through to mould problems, if you want to avoid a costly repair job, you’ll want to take care of any damaged tiles or other roof issues sooner rather than later.

Good maintenance is essential for the safety of your staff and the smooth running of your building. Don’t put off those essential maintenance tasks – avoid long-term problems by getting them done as soon as possible.

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