Commercial Property

Sustainability is the key to the future and more and more buildings are being designed with environmentally conscious features in mind. As a property owner or manager, it’s worth considering how sustainable your building is and think about what you can do to make it more energy efficient.

A sustainable commercial property has a number of benefits both for landlord and tenants as well as for the environment. Many tenants are trying to reduce their environmental footprint and are more likely to be interested in renting a commercial property that fits in with their values. A sustainable property that is more energy efficient also uses less power, which means electricity bills will be lower.

If you’re keen to create a more sustainable building here are a few tips and suggestions:

  1. Consider solar. While not every property can be converted to solar, you can still reduce your reliance on the grid by implementing solar hot water heating or adding a few solar panels to your property. Even using a bit of alternative energy can reduce your emissions and reduce your power bills.
  2. Collect rainwater. A rainwater tank can be placed in your property and the collected water used to flush toilets and water plants. This will help reduce your water usage from the mains and also lower your utility bills while keeping lawns watered and plants flourishing.
  3. Install green roofs. Green roofs are growing in popularity in urban areas and they are a fantastic way to reduce surface water runoff, improve the air quality and make your commercial building look appealing.
  4. Reduce waste. A waste management plan will help your building keep waste to a minimum and reduce pollution. Encourage recycling wherever possible and switch to environmentally friendly lighting and taps.
  5. Keep everything running efficiently. Well-maintained and serviced electrical systems are going to draw less power than inefficient ones. By keeping maintenance up to date and ensuring that problems are fixed quickly, from leaky taps to faulty HVAC systems you can ensure your building is an environmentally friendly as possible.

With sustainability becoming ever more of a focus for many businesses, now is a great time to think about how you can make your property more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The environment will benefit, and your business will also benefit as a result.

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