As a property owner or facility manager, it’s important to research the cleaning companies you’re considering to ensure you choose a reputable company to deliver a superior clean.

With the options available to you, how can you be confident you’re making the right choice?

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1. Look for an Established, Experienced Commercial Cleaning Company

Focus on companies that are:

o Well established, having been in the cleaning business for a number of years and possessing the skills and experience to ensure a thorough clean.

o Qualified to clean the type of buildings you’re wishing to maintain, whether commercial, office, or industrial.

And whatever your needs, choose a cleaning company that can help you develop a customized cleaning routine.

2. Find Out What Services the Company Will Provide

In addition to basic dusting and vacuuming, what other cleaning services do the companies you’re considering provide?

Services to look for include:

o Touch point cleaning

o Carpet and upholstery cleaning

o Hard floor cleaning

o Power washing

o Special event cleaning

Looking for a company offering a full suite of services means your day-to-day and seasonal cleaning needs will be covered.

3. Ask about Training Requirements for the Company’s Staff

Your cleaning company should provide comprehensive training for new staff, continually educate its teams on the latest cleaning techniques and health and safety protocols, and prepare its employees to use the newest materials and equipment.

4. Examine the Company’s Certifications and Standards

It’s important to make sure your cleaning company maintains rigid standards of excellence (like Enhance Service’s Quality Assurance Program) and holds the highest certifications (especially ISO 9001:2008).

Commercial cleaning companies should also be fully bonded and insured.

It’s important you are able to communicate easily with your commercial cleaning company. To make it easy, Enhance uses web-based software (CleanTelligent) to log cleaning details (including date and time of completion, inspection results, and work orders) and let customers keep track of progress at their convenience. If a problem arises, real-time feedback lets cleaning companies take immediate action.

5. Determine if the Company Is Committed to Green Cleaning

Green cleaning means taking a holistic approach, caring for buildings, their inhabitants, and the larger environment by using health- and eco-conscious materials and practices such as:-

o Products and packaging that meet established health and safety criteria.

o Microfiber technology (where applicable) to extend the life of scrubbing pads.
o Equipment that reduces noise pollution.

Green cleaning both minimizes negative impacts on the environment and reduces human exposure to harmful cleaning residues.

What’s in it for YOU.

Working with the right cleaning company is one component in ensuring effective building maintenance.

And getting it right has financial benefits in terms of tenancy retention, tenancy satisfaction and effective building maintenance.

At Enhance Service, we are committed to providing quality services guaranteed to meet the highest standards.

This blog was adapted by Carlos Quiroga General Manager Client Services, Enhance Service 2016 from an article appearing on Commercial Cleaning on the Commercial Janitor website (US). Carlos can be contacted at

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