Landscaping Tips

When it comes to maximising the appeal of your office buildings it’s easy to forget about the exterior. While the tenants who rent your office building may spend most of their time inside it, the outside environment plays a significant part in its appeal.

Here are a few tips to help you create a more attractive outside environment for your commercial office building:

  1. Emphasise signage by planting flowers and other interesting plants around it. This will automatically draw the eye towards the signs and make them stand out more. Just make sure you keep everything trimmed so the plants don’t obscure writing on signs.
  2. Make an appealing entrance. The entrance is the first place people are going to see when they come to your building and they will make an immediate snap judgement when they see it. A poorly maintained, grey exterior won’t be as appealing as a flower filled, well maintained, inviting one.
  3. Create an outdoor area. If you can, a shady courtyard or even a few picnic benches under a tree can give office workers a place to escape and recharge in nature. Consider creating different spaces for socialising and quiet reflection to give people options when they are outside.
  4. Look at seasonal rotation. Different plants look good at different times of year. When planning which plants to use, think about how the landscaping will look all year round. You don’t want it to just look great in summer – the best landscaping is appealing at any time of year.
  5. Consider adding a water feature. Water features can be incredibly attractive and appealing and they add a nice feel to any outdoor landscape. The sound of running water is soothing and can be a great stress reliever for office employees.
  6. Update regularly. To keep your landscaping looking its best you’ll want to update it regularly and keep it maintained. An overgrown outside landscape won’t reflect well on your building and could be a deterrent for potential tenants. Professional landscaping and property maintenance are essential.

Don’t underestimate the importance of landscaping when it comes to creating an appealing office building and keeping your tenants happy. A few simple landscaping tricks can help you attract better tenants and may even help you keep the ones you already have for longer.

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