Commercial CleaningMaintaining a clean and hygienic environment for your employees is absolutely essential if you want to keep them safe and ensure your productivity levels are high.

Unfortunately, even when you think you’re doing the right thing by hiring a commercial cleaner, the end result will only be as good as the person doing the work – if your cleaners aren’t experienced or motivated, the result will be lacklustre at best – at worse you could be left with a genuine safety hazard.

Here are a few signs that your cleaner might be cutting corners and putting your employees, customers and organisation as a whole at risk.

  1. There’s a build up of cleaning product residues on surfaces and floors. This can increase the likelihood of contamination or slipping, as well as affecting the appearance of your surfaces.
  2. Cleaning is done on a reactive, rather than a proactive basis. If your cleaners are waiting until there is a mess before they clean anything, they aren’t doing their job.
  3. Cleaning equipment and power cords are left lying around where they could pose a tripping hazard. A cleaner who is trained and aware should not trail power cords across walkways or leave cleaning equipment on the floor in high traffic areas.
  4. Floors are left accessible before they are fully dry. A wet floor is a slippery floor and if your cleaner is rushing their work and leaves a wet floor unattended with no signage you could be faced with a nasty accident.
  5. Spills are left for an extended period of time before being cleaned up. Spills should be dealt with quickly and effectively, or they can lead to slipping hazards and contamination. If your cleaners are taking their time to mop up spills, it’s a bad sign.
  6. Your cleaner doesn’t have a cleaning schedule. The best cleaners will plan out each task and how often it is done and create a clear schedule so you always know exactly what is being done when. This should be tailored to your building and your preferences. If your cleaners seem disorganised and you’re not sure what is being done when, it could mean that corners are being cut.

Commercial cleaning costs can be a significant expense and if you’re not getting great results, this can be frustrating and even dangerous. Make sure your cleaners are doing their job and not making any of these common mistakes – if they are, it could be time to make a change.

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