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When you operate an aged care facility it’s important that it’s kept clean and hygienic for a number of reasons, mainly residents’ health and their emotional wellbeing.


The most important reason to keep your facility at a high standard of cleanliness is to safeguard the health of your residents. Anytime you have a large number of people living in close confines you run the risk of spreading infection and disease and older people are more vulnerable to illness than the wider population.

Thorough sanitation is not only necessary, it’s a legal requirement for most facilities. The right cleaning and sanitation practices will limit the growth and spread of germs and protect people living and working at the facility.

Emotional wellbeing

An aged care facility is home for its residents and everybody deserves a clean living environment. For most people, the cleanliness of their surroundings has a huge impact on their mental health and emotional wellbeing. By maintaining a high standard of cleanliness at your facility, you can keep your residents happier and help stave off common issues like depression that can strike as we get older.

It’s particularly important to pay attention to communal areas. Having a pleasant communal space will encourage residents to interact and spend time together and this can help reduce isolation as well as encouraging positive relationships between residents.

Enhance Services / Commercial Cleaning Office Aged Care Hospital Medical Shopping Centre School Services / Melbourne

What to look for in an aged care cleaner

Services like Enhance Services have a very special set of skills and experience that allow them to get a high quality, professional result when cleaning aged care facilities.

It’s important that cleaning duties don’t disrupt residents and staff and that cleaning staff are respectful of the needs of residents. Training is a must, and a friendly, polite attitude is also absolutely essential when dealing with residents and nursing staff.

It’s also important that aged care cleaners are aware of occupational health and safety practices so they can avoid causing any hazards while going about their work. Older people may have visual challenges, hearing problems or they might be unsteady on their feet so it’s important that this is taken into consideration and nothing is done by cleaning staff that could endanger residents or impede the staff who care for them.

At Enhance Services we are experienced in every aspect of aged care cleaning service in Melbourne. We can help you ensure your facility is maintained at a high standard of hygiene and our friendly staff are extremely knowledgeable and respectful of the needs of residents of aged care facilities.