Benefits of the Natural Environment for Preschool Children / Child Care Centre Cleaning Services Melbourne / Enhance Services

Being around nature is beneficial for people of all ages, especially children. If you have a childcare centre or preschool, your outdoor areas will provide a key part of your centre’s appeal and can be a great stimulus for the development of the children in your care.

If you didn’t know already, playing in the natural environment offers a number of benefits for preschool aged children and toddlers, including:

  • Improved concentration and focus on learning.
  • More advanced motor development including fitness, co-ordination and agility.
  • Better overall health and reduction in illness.
  • Enhanced creativity and more imaginative play.
  • An improved affinity to nature and a more positive approach to the environment.

Clearly there are a lot of benefits for children who play outside more often, and it’s worth thinking about your facility’s landscaping and whether it is set up to foster outdoor play for children. While many centres may have some form of outdoor area, does it really give children the chance to interact with nature or is it just a patch of fake grass with a few outdoor toys?

While you might not have a huge outdoor area, you can maximise the benefits and increase its appeal with the right landscaping. Clever landscaping can help you find ways for children to interact with their environment and really experience nature while burning off energy and fostering imaginative and collaborative play, even when space is at a premium.

The right landscaping will benefit not only your business as it will attract more parents to send their children to your facility, it will also benefit the children who spend their time there. By giving them more opportunities to interact with nature you can help boost their cognitive and social development, keep them healthy and promote greater happiness and wellbeing.

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