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Landscaping is a crucial part of your commercial property’s upkeep and appearance but it can be costly. When you’re balancing the budget for your property management, landscaping is often the first thing that goes, but this can be a mistake.

Without a well-maintained, attractive exterior, it’s going to be difficult to find tenants for your property. First impressions really do count when potential tenants are looking at a commercial property, but fortunately good landscaping doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Here are a few cost cutting landscaping ideas that won’t cost a fortune but will still help you present a neat, well maintained exterior that is appealing to prospective tenants.

  • Focus on the entrance. A welcoming entrance is crucial when you’re trying to attract tenants and this is where you should dedicate the majority of your attention and budget. A few planters on either side of the entranceway can create a low cost yet appealing look that’s easy to maintain.
  • Make your landscaping low maintenance. If you can save on regular maintenance you’ll save a lot over the long term and there are plenty of low maintenance landscaping ideas that will look great. Simplicity is the key here, and selecting plants that require minimum pruning or watering.
  • Choose low cost materials for outdoor areas. An outdoor seating area or courtyard is a great idea for employees and this doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, gravel is a low cost surface material that requires little maintenance and can be used for outdoor seating areas, paths and walkways.

Your building’s landscaping is something that shouldn’t be neglected for the sake of saving a few dollars. With some professional help and a bit of creativity you can get a great looking exterior without breaking the bank. For more cost cutting landscaping ideas, give Enhance Services a call today.

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