Great Communication: The Secret to Effective Commercial Cleaning

When you think of the one factor that makes a great commercial cleaner, you might assume it’s training, experience, reliability or the quality of their equipment. While all these things are definitely important, there is one factor that rises above the rest and can make the difference between getting a great cleaning result and a bad one.

The ability to communicate effectively and regularly is crucial when it comes to commercial cleaning. It starts from the beginning when the project scope is arranged and your cleaners quote on their work, and continues throughout the time they work with you.

Cleaners are on the front line of your property and they can often spot potential hazards and maintenance needs before anyone else. This means they can be a great asset in detecting any problems before they become a major hazard or headache. Regularly talking to your cleaners will allow you to fix issues quickly and alleviate potential disasters before they happen.

By staying in regular contact with your cleaning team you can also spot any issues with their work and deal with any dissatisfaction quickly and effectively.

Three tips for great communication

  1. Create a cleaning plan. Start as you mean to go on with a written, in depth cleaning plan. This should outline in detail exactly what tasks your cleaners will perform and when. By having something in writing from the start you can avoid any misunderstandings and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  2. Regularly check in with your cleaning team. Don’t wait for your cleaners to contact you – check in regularly to make sure there are no issues or concerns. This can help motivate them and build a good relationship over the longer term.
  3. Start a communication book. Many commercial cleaners work at nights and on weekends and this can make it difficult to get hold of them. A communication book can be left in the building for your cleaners to note down anything they want to pass on and vice versa. It also makes a good documented record of any discussions between you, which could be useful in the event of a dispute.

At Enhance Services we take communication seriously, and we assign all our clients a single person to be the point of contact. Communication is one of the most crucial elements of a successful commercial cleaning relationship – make sure your cleaners take it seriously.

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