How the Right Landscaping Can Reduce Flooding Around Your Commercial Property / Landscape Garden Services Melbourne / Enhance Services

With winter well and truly underway, many areas are dealing with heavy rains and flooding. Flood damage can be costly and has the potential to seriously impact your business and while there is no way to control the weather, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk of a flood at your property, even when the rains are torrential.

Much of the best flood prevention is to do with the landscaping around your property. Some features are likely to increase your risk of flooding by diverting water towards your property and keeping it from draining away adequately while other features can effectively divert excess water away and reduce your chances of a flood.

Here are a few landscaping suggestions for anyone who wants to minimise their chances of experiencing a flood during the wetter months of the year:

  • Ensure surface water drains properly. Concrete paths and walkways can lead to a high level of surface runoff and if this is not adequately dealt with, it could end up around your building. Consider drainage solutions like subsurface drains or channels that can divert water away from your building and prevent damage.
  • Reduce surface runoff. Where possible try to reduce surface runoff in the first place by minimising large concrete areas and planting grass or use gravel for pathways. Mulching your plant beds can also help reduce surface runoff and provide an absorbent surface to soak up excess rain.
  • Grade slopes away from the building. This is a very simple strategy that will make a big difference to the risk of flooding in your building. Lawns should be graded so they slope away from buildings and direct water to a safe area rather than letting it run all the way down towards your buildings and cause havoc.

Flooding can be a catastrophe for your building and tenants. With a bit of creative landscaping you can help protect your building from flood damage and keep your investment safe.

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