How to Build Lasting Relationships With Your Tenants / Commercial Property Management / Enhance Services Melbourne

As a property manager or landlord, one of your main jobs is to keep your tenants happy, but this can be harder than it might sound. An unhappy tenant is more likely to leave and this means you’ll have to spend time and money looking for a new tenant.

If you can be proactive about building lasting relationships with your commercial tenants, you can enjoy greater stability and a steady income as well as a more pleasant environment for everyone. Here are a few tips for building lasting relationships with commercial tenants:

  • Respond quickly to tenant enquiries and repair requests. There’s nothing more frustrating as a commercial tenant than phone calls that go unanswered. Even if you can’t get to the repair immediately, acknowledge their enquiry and give them a time frame in which you will respond. The longer you leave it, the more likely it is that your tenant will get angry and resentful and this could affect your relationship over the long term.
  • Be courteous and respectful when speaking to tenants. Tenants can be demanding sometimes, and some can be downright unreasonable but it’s important to be professional at all times if you want to maintain a good relationship.
  • Respect your tenants’ privacy. Don’t keep turning up unannounced at the property – if you do need to gain entry for a routine inspection or to conduct maintenance make sure you give them plenty of notice and abide by the terms of their lease regarding entry to the property.
  • Attend to routine maintenance and upkeep diligently. A well maintained commercial building helps your tenants create a positive impression on their customers. This in turn will encourage your tenants to stay.

Taking the time and effort to build lasting relationships with your commercial tenants makes good business sense. Happy tenants will stay longer, look after the place and make your life easier as a property manager.

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