Commercial LandscapingCommercial landscaping is important if you want to ensure your property looks as appealing and attractive as possible. The right landscaping can make a huge difference to your property’s kerb appeal and can even increase its value when you decide to sell.

Another good reason to employ a commercial landscaper is safety. The right landscaping will not only look great, it will also help keep your tenants and their visitors safe. Here are a few safety measures that your landscapers can and should be aware of.

  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed: Low hanging branches are a potential hazard for people walking past, especially if they are on their phone or not paying attention to where they are going. By keeping trees and shrubs trimmed and well maintained you can reduce the chance of someone bumping their head on a low hanging branch.
  • Ensure visibility around parking areas and roads: Shrubs and bushes are often planted around car parks to make them more visually appealing but if not carefully placed and well maintained they can reduce visibility for drivers or pedestrians and potentially cause accidents. A good landscaper will take this into consideration when planning where to locate plants, and keep them well maintained and trimmed so they don’t pose a traffic hazard.
  • Remove weeds from pavers and pathways: Weeds growing between cracks and pavers can cause even more cracks and bumps on pathways and pavements. This in turn can create a tripping hazard for visitors and employees.
  • Ensure paths and walkways are smooth: Uneven surfaces and loose paving stones can be dangerous to pedestrians and if someone trips and falls over an uneven pathway you could potentially be liable. It’s important that your landscaper takes steps to ensure a level pathway that’s smooth and free of any potential tripping hazards.
  • Eliminate dips in grassed areas: Grassed areas can conceal an uneven surface beneath and this makes it easy for someone to roll an ankle or trip over when walking across them. Your commercial landscaper should monitor the grassy areas for any hidden hazards and take steps to level out any dips or holes so that they don’t lead to an injury.

Safety may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about hiring a landscaper but it’s definitely worth keeping in mind. A professional landscaper can help you keep your tenants and their visitors safe as well as ensuring your property looks its best.

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