How to Reduce Your Chances of a Pest Problem / Commercial Property Management Melbourne / Enhance Services

Pests like cockroaches, mice and rats are not only annoying, they can become a serious health hazard by spreading disease, especially when they are around sick or vulnerable people, for example in a medical facility or childcare centre.

Many people typically don’t worry about pests during the winter months but this is actually the time of year when cold temperatures can bring outdoor pests inside in search of warmth and shelter.

Pest proofing your property often requires expert advice from a professional pest inspector, but if you want to make your property less appealing to unwanted visitors, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is essential. Get your property regularly cleaned by a professional and make sure your staff adhere to good hygiene practices and don’t give pests any extra incentives to stick around.

Here are some recommendations for keeping your property pest free:

  • Don’t leave food lying around. This is especially difficult to do at a childcare centre or school where children may be wandering around eating or dropping food on the floor. Regular cleaning to a high standard will help as well as a quick whip around at the end of the day to make sure there are no crumbs on carpets or furniture.
  • Keep all food sealed away. Make sure any food is kept sealed in airtight containers. Be aware that some pests can chew through plastic bags and packaging – heavy plastic containers are usually the best option if you want to really be on the safe side.
  • Clean up spills quickly. Spills can be a magnet for pests – if any food spills occur make sure you clean them up immediately or get a professional in to ensure the job is done thoroughly. This will reduce the chance of pests becoming attracted to the area and help you keep your facility pest free.

By practicing good hygiene and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in and around your property you can reduce the chances of pests moving in and wreaking havoc. To be sure the best standards of hygiene and cleanliness are being maintained, it’s always advisable to engage the services of a commercial cleaner.

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