How to Winter Proof Your Commercial Building / Property Maintenance / Enhance Services

Winter is just around the corner and that means cold, rain and high winds in many places. While the cooler winter weather can be a good excuse to wrap up warm and stay indoors, it can take a toll on your building’s condition and create long term maintenance headaches.

To make sure your building is ready for winter, there are a few maintenance tasks that you should carry out at this time of year.

Clear out your gutters

Autumn leaves can drop off surrounding trees and block your gutters and drains. This in turn increases the chance of flooding and damage to your roof. If the weather gets really cold, water trapped by leaves can freeze, causing potential leaks and other problems.

Check your outdoor lighting

The longer winter nights mean that your employees and customers may well be entering and leaving your building in poor light or even darkness. Now is the time to check your lights work and replace or fix any bulbs that are broken.

Check your heating system

Before it gets really cold is the time to look at your heating system and check it’s all in good working order. Not only will it work better, you’ll be able to catch any minor issues before they become bigger, more expensive ones. A well maintained heating system will also be more power efficient, helping you keep your winter electricity costs under control.

Check seals on doors and windows

The seals around your doors and windows can deteriorate over time and if they aren’t in good condition, they may not work at keeping cold air out. Drafts and cold air coming in will increase your power costs, as your heating system will need to work harder to compensate.

Don’t leave it too late to get your commercial property ready for winter. A bit of time spent now can save you a lot more time and money in a few months time.

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