Is Your Open Plan Office a Health Hazard? / Office Cleaning / Commercial Cleaning Services / Enhance Services Melbourne

The office environment plays a huge part in the health of your employees and this is down to a number of factors, cleanliness being the main issue. While it used to be that offices were largely separated into closed areas, these days open plan offices are the trend. However, there are a few indications that open plan offices might not necessarily be great for your employees’ health.

Most open plan offices are designed to accommodate the largest number of people in the smallest possible space. This is a cost saving exercise for many companies and with commercial rent increasing year after year, open plan offices make a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, due to the proximity of workers to each other in an open plan office, germs can spread more quickly than in closed office environments. This could pose a risk to the health of employees especially in office environments where there is a culture of coming to work when sick and pushing through. This in turn reduces productivity and can end up costing more in the long term.

Many organisations are starting to move away from an open office environment but this is not possible for everyone. If your organisation has an open plan office, you can help keep your staff healthier by ensuring you get a high quality professional commercial cleaning service in.

When cleaning an open plan office, you need to make sure that not only the basics are done, but also that common surfaces and areas are sanitised thoroughly to reduce the spread of germs. Encourage your employees to take sick days if they are not well, or work from home where necessary to reduce the chances of airborne bacteria affecting everyone else’s health.

A healthy workplace is a more productive workplace and taking steps to safeguard the health of your employees can save your organisation money in the long term as well as ensuring a happier workforce.

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