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We work with corporate clients, facilities maintenance companies and body corporates. Whether you need a door handle fixed, a room painted, a toilet block refurbishment, or full-scale fit-out, we have you covered.

Let us Enhance your Assets

Enhance Services offers a full property maintenance service in Melbourne. Maintaining any commercial property can be stressful and time-consuming, which is where we come in. We can take care of your assets so you can focus on other things.

Experienced, Trained Professionals

It doesn’t matter what size your organisation, our professional team has the expertise to keep your property in great condition, all year round. Our team of professionals are experienced and they undergo additional training when they work with us to ensure their skills are up-to-date and relevant to your needs.

Whatever your property maintenance needs, you can be confident that your investment will be maintained to the appropriate standards.

Enhance Maintenance Staff

  • Respect your rights and privacy
  • Wear clearly recognisable uniforms when working
  • Carry ID at all times
  • Behave in a courteous and professional manner at all times
  • Come equipped with all the tools and equipment they need.

Solution-Focused Property Maintenance Services

We specialise in programmed and preventative maintenance. We work proactively with our Melbourne clients to develop and implement solutions that will give them the best value while sticking within their budget.

Our services include:

  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Solutions
  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Tiling

Programmed Services

We deliver solutions for commercial properties that are tailored to our clients’ needs. With extensive experience in programmed and preventative facilities maintenance, our team can work within an existing schedule, or in collaboration with you to create a new plan for your building.

Developing a maintenance plan involves consultation with the client or tenant. This ensures that we minimise any disruption to your business.

Reactive Maintenance

Need something done now? No problem.

We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly, be it quoted works or do-and-charge jobs. Enhance takes the fuss out of any property maintenance or alterations project.

Property Maintenance Services

Maintenance may seem like just another extra expense when you’re already dealing with the cost of owning and running a commercial property, but the right services will actually save you money over the long term.

Here are a few reasons why investing in a professional service makes sense:

Ensure your tenants’ safety

The main problem with maintaining your own property is that it takes time and this is something most landlords don’t have a lot of. Small, niggling problems can turn up on an almost daily basis and if they aren’t dealt with quickly, even something relatively small can become a safety issue.

Save time

As a commercial landlord you are busy, and attending to broken light bulbs, blocked toilets and other issues that crop up means taking time away from other tasks. A professional property maintenance service can take care of everything and free up time for you to spend working on other areas of your business.

Keep tenants happy

As a commercial landlord, your livelihood depends on your tenants. If your tenants aren’t happy with the way the property is maintained they will leave. A maintenance service will help you ensure your property is being maintained to a high standard, and any issues and complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively. This will in turn keep your tenants happy and help safeguard your income.

Avoid unexpected disasters

By taking a proactive approach to your property’s maintenance, you can avoid longer-term problems when a small issue grows into a bigger one. It’s often the case that a niggling little issue is easy to fix in the beginning, but when left it soon becomes a bigger problem that is not only expensive to fix, can potentially cause extensive damage to other areas of your property.

ISO Accredited

Enhance is accredited for ISO standards in OHS, Quality, and Environment. We offer integrated property maintenance services to help you create a great environment for your staff and customers and improve the value of your property.


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