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What Are The Main Factors Determining Your Cleaning Costs? / Commercial Cleaning Services / Office Cleaning / Enhance Services Melbourne

If you’re trying to work out a commercial cleaning budget it can be a challenge to come up with a reasonable cost estimate as commercial cleaning costs can vary considerably between providers and between different projects.

4 Places Where Dirt is Hiding In Your Office / Commercial Cleaning Melbourne / Enhance Services

Your office might look clean on the surface, but there’s a good chance it’s harbouring dirt and germs in some unlikely places. While most of us are aware of the health risks of a dirty bathroom or kitchen, many don’t know about some of the other common hotspots for germs.

Commercial Cleaning

When you think of the one factor that makes a great commercial cleaner, you might assume it’s training, experience, reliability or the quality of their equipment. While all these things are definitely important, there is one factor that rises above the rest and can make the difference between gettin

Commercial Cleaning

Occupational Health and Safety is important throughout any industry, but especially when it comes to cleaning. Commercial cleaners regularly work with chemicals, heavy equipment and other potential hazards. While good commercial cleaning can help prevent hazards and create a safe working environment

Commercial Cleaning Costs

Professional office cleaning is essential if you’re going to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and safety, but the costs can add up. When you’re trying to keep costs to a minimum it can be tempting to cut down on your cleaning services, but reducing your level of cleaning services can be a fal