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3 New Years Resolutions for Property Managers / Commercial Property Management / Enhance Services Melbourne

With a new year upon us, it’s time to start planning and thinking about the next 12 months. Many of us use this time of year to think about goals and what we want to improve on from last year. As a property manager there are three new years resolutions you may want to consider implementing as we go

How to Mould Proof Your Commercial Property / Commercial Property Maintenance / Enhance Services Melbourne

Your commercial property is a huge investment so it’s important that you maintain it adequately and reduce the risk of damage caused by too much moisture. Unfortunately mould and moisture damage can be one of the most devastating threats to your commercial property, but it can be prevented.

The Essential Summer Property Maintenance Tasks / Commercial Property Maintenance / Enhance Services Melbourne

Regular maintenance is a crucial part of taking a proactive approach to your commercial property. Taking on a few preventative maintenance tasks during the warmer summer months can see you well equipped for winter and help you prevent major issues down the track.

Commercial Pest Prevention Tips / Commercial Property Management / Commercial Property Maintenance / Enhance Services Melbourne

We are in the height of summer and this means it’s prime time for pests to invade. While some businesses might be more at risk of pest issues than others, it’s still important to take proactive measures against unwanted guests that can spread germs and damage your commercial property.

3 Signs of a Foundation Problem in Your Commercial Building / Commercial Property Maintenance / Enhance Services Melbourne

As a commercial property owner, safeguarding the structure of your building is crucial if you want to avoid ongoing problems and expensive repairs. Foundation issues can be a common cause of problems and if they are not picked up early enough they can even impact the safety of your building and tena

3 Preventative Maintenance Jobs for your Commercial Building / Commercial Property Maintenance Melbourne / Enhance Services

When it comes to keeping your commercial tenants safe and happy, an ounce of prevention goes a long way. By implementing a few preventative strategies you can avoid a number of common safety and maintenance issues and reduce costs over the long run.

Property Management

It might still be winter but spring isn’t far off, and as the weather starts to get warmer it’s a good idea to tackle a few regular maintenance tasks to prepare for spring and summer. Getting ahead of those jobs now may help you reduce the risk of damage caused during winter leading to ongoing issue

Commercial Maintenance

As a commercial property owner, building maintenance is one of those ongoing tasks that can take up a lot of time. It’s easy for routine tasks and non-urgent repairs to end up at the bottom of the priority list and this can mean they go ignored for longer than they should. For many property owners,

Commercial Property Maintenance

As a commercial landlord you have made a substantial investment and you probably want to protect it at all costs. For most landlords, commercial or otherwise, this means finding and keeping good tenants who will look after your property and pay their rent on time. While many commercial landlords pre

Tips For Maintaining Your Building’s Heating System / Commercial Property Maintenance / Enhance Services

It’s important that you keep a pleasant temperature inside your building, for the health of your employees, customers and visitors. A poorly heated building can not only feel unpleasant to work in, it can potentially affect the health of the people inside it. To maintain a pleasant temperature all y