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Tips For Maintaining Your Building’s Heating System / Commercial Property Maintenance / Enhance Services

It’s important that you keep a pleasant temperature inside your building, for the health of your employees, customers and visitors. A poorly heated building can not only feel unpleasant to work in, it can potentially affect the health of the people inside it. To maintain a pleasant temperature all y

How To Bushfire Proof Your Commercial Building / Commercial Property Maintenance / Enhance Services

In winter, bushfire season can seem like it’s a long way away but now is the time to make preparations for summer. A bit of prevention during winter can help safeguard your building when the temperatures rise and the risk of fires increases.

How to Maintain and Look After Your Flooring / Commercial Property Maintenance Melbourne / Enhance Services

Your property’s flooring is a big investment and it’s also a huge part of your building’s appearance and image. Poorly maintained flooring can not only look bad, it can be a potential hazard, which is why it’s important to look after it no matter what type of surface you have.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Service / Commercial Office Cleaning Melbourne / Enhance Services

Finding the right commercial cleaning service for your business is a very important process. Your reputation, image and often the safety of your staff, customers and visitors all depend on the standards of cleanliness you have at your premises. Commercial cleaners also often enter your building and

What’s The Difference Between Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitising / Commercial Cleaning Melbourne / Enhance Services

Flu season is well and truly underway and as most people know, confined spaces like hospitals, schools and offices are prime breeding ground for bugs. While there are a number of ways to reduce the spread of colds and flu in your commercial building, thorough cleaning and disinfecting is one of the

How to Reduce Your Chances of a Pest Problem / Commercial Property Management Melbourne / Enhance Services

Pests like cockroaches, mice and rats are not only annoying, they can become a serious health hazard by spreading disease, especially when they are around sick or vulnerable people, for example in a medical facility or childcare centre. Many people typically don’t worry about pests during the winter

Benny Kaushal / Craig Bellamy / Enhance Services Melbourne

Benny Kaushal and guests were invited into the inner sanctum with Melbourne Storms’ Craig Bellamy. It was a chance for Enhance Services to thank some of our clients and introduce them to the Storms’ winning culture.