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5 Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs / Gardening Services Melbourne / Enhance Services

Landscaping is a big part of the appearance of your commercial property and if you want to make a great impression, it’s just as important to pay attention to the outside areas as the inside of your building. While good landscaping can massively increase the kerb appeal of your commercial property,

Signature Estate / Commercial Gardening & Landscaping / Enhance Services

Today saw the planting of more palms at Signature Estate which sees the completion of works in Stage 7 at the Point Cook Estate. Enhance Services has been working with the Signature Estate Owners Corporation since February this year at revitalising public open spaces with the subdivision. Director B

How to Create a Healing Outdoor Space in a Hospital Setting / Gardening & Landscaping Melbourne / Enhance Services

The evidence that nature is healing has become so compelling that hospitals all over the world are creating healing gardens; relaxing outdoor spaces that are designed to promote healing in patients. Healing gardens in hospitals are a relatively recent innovation, but they are rapidly catching on. Th