The Essential Summer Property Maintenance Tasks / Commercial Property Maintenance / Enhance Services Melbourne

Regular maintenance is a crucial part of taking a proactive approach to your commercial property. Taking on a few preventative maintenance tasks during the warmer summer months can see you well equipped for winter and help you prevent major issues down the track.

Here are a few tasks you can and should perform during summer if you want to keep your commercial property well maintained and in great condition all year round.

  • Clean your downpipes and gutters out. Dead leaves and branches caught in downpipes and guttering can increase your risk of a fire as well as blocking drainage from those summer storms. By clearing them out now you can help keep your building safe and avoid water building up and causing problems later on.
  • Inspect the roof. Summer is a great time to conduct a roof inspection to check for missing or broken tiles and any other damage that may have been caused by hail or cold winter weather. By getting on top of minor damage and fixing it now you can prevent a leak or other more extensive problems when next winter rolls around.
  • Maintain plants and trees. Exterior landscaping makes a huge impact on the appeal of your property and summer is a good time to trim back hedges, dead head shrubs and plant anything new that might spruce up your building.
  • Clean common areas thoroughly. Summer is typically a very dusty time of year and this means you may need to wash common walkways and building exteriors more frequently than you would in winter. Dust can build up on exterior surfaces, clog ventilation systems and cause respiratory issues.

Summer is a great time for property maintenance as the clear sunny weather and warm temperatures make it easy for tradespeople to gain access and work effectively. It also makes your property ready for autumn and winter so when temperatures start to drop you’ll be one step ahead.

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