What Are The Main Factors Determining Your Cleaning Costs? / Commercial Cleaning Services / Office Cleaning / Enhance Services Melbourne

If you’re trying to work out a commercial cleaning budget it can be a challenge to come up with a reasonable cost estimate as commercial cleaning costs can vary considerably between providers and between different projects.

While it might seem like commercial cleaners just pick a number out of the air when quoting for a project, in reality there are a number of factors that are important. Most commercial cleaners will quote depending on the time they believe it will take to complete the task. This in turn is dependent on four main factors.

  1. How big your space is. The size of the space is one of the most obvious factors that will count towards your overall cleaning costs. The bigger the space, the more time it will generally take to clean, so the higher the cost will be.
  2. Exactly what cleaning tasks you want done by the cleaners. Again, this can make a huge impact on the cost of your cleaners. A simple office clean may not take too long but if you’re looking for a hospital or school cleaner, the job will be more complex and involved so you’ll be looking at higher costs. Before you approach a potential cleaning company for a quote it’s a good idea to note down all the tasks you need completed so they can quote accurately for the job.
  3. How often they should clean. The frequency of your clean will also make a difference to the cost of your cleaning service. A daily clean will lead to more costs than a weekly clean, but depending on your premises and industry, you may need to clean at specified intervals.
  4. How high the standard is. What are your expectations when it comes to cleanliness? Are there legal guidelines that your organisation has to abide by? The higher the standard the greater the cost as a rule, depending on how clean your employees is generally.

Getting a great commercial clean depends on providing accurate information when you ask for a quote. Once you understand the factors involved in making a commercial cleaning quote you can make sure your cleaners have everything they need to give you an accurate estimate of costs.

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