What’s The Big Deal About Chemical Free Cleaning? / Commercial Cleaning / Office Cleaning / Enhance Services Melbourne

Chemical free cleaning is all the rage at the moment, thanks to so many companies and organisations adopting a more ecologically friendly outlook. While harsh chemicals like bleach may have been the standard in the past, newer alternatives like steam cleaning promise to deliver great results with none of the fumes and pollution of their chemical predecessors.

As a commercial cleaning company we often get asked about chemical free cleaning and whether it’s as effective as more traditional cleaning methods. Whatever industry you’re in, a clean and hygienic environment is crucial to the health and safety of your staff so you’ll want to be sure your cleaning methods are effective.

What is chemical free cleaning?

There is a lot of misunderstanding over what actually constitutes chemical free cleaning. Eco friendly and chemical free cleaning are two terms that are used almost interchangeably sometimes but they are actually very different things. Eco friendly cleaning products still use chemicals but they use chemicals that are considered safe for use and have a smaller impact on the environment than more conventional harsh products like bleach.

On the other hand, chemical free cleaning doesn’t use any chemicals at all. Instead techniques like steam cleaning are used for cleaning and sanitisation of surfaces. The main downside to chemical free cleaning systems is their cost. A split stream cleaning system can cost thousands of dollars to purchase and while this is an investment that can be recovered, many cleaners consider it too big a cost thanks to the initial outlay.

Eco friendly and chemical free cleaning can bring a lot of benefits to any office. Using non-toxic cleaning methods helps safeguard your employees against the effects of harmful chemicals and also helps reduce your environmental impact over the long term. Many cleaning methods have been proven to be just as effective at removing bacteria and germs as more traditional chemical methods like bleach, so they are well worth considering.

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